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Article: Black Friday - Why we don't participate

Black Friday - Why we don't participate

Black Friday - Why we don't participate

Many of you have asked us whether we are going to offer any specials particularly for Black Friday this year.

Our answer is: NO.

As an ethical fashion label that is a strong supporter of the slow fashion movement, we choose to not support the idea or principles of mass consumerism and commercialised sales of fast fashion products.
Yes, it is tempting to make quick sales. Yes, it would help to scale our business. And yes, we could create a new collection and more pieces in a shorter period of time.

Black Friday to us is the epitome of commercialised, fast fashion. Commonly used to initiate the holiday season, to push sales, to get rid of stock created from overproduction, so brands can continue to make, buy and discard clothing.

We do not operate in that way, which is why we are taking a firm stand against strong discount culture and overproduction. As a timeless yoga wear and lifestyle brand we seek to not work in collections, our pieces are not seasonal and can be worn and combined all year round.
Our pieces are birthed through an organic process of creation. We take our time as we move as consciously as we can through our entire supply and production chain. Only if we can stand behind every step along the process, from sourcing the yarns and textile, to the artisans creating under fair conditions, responsible waste disposal to packaging and logistics - only then new pieces land in our shops.

We want to encourage our community to be empowered to make your own decisions around Black Friday. To be mindful of your consumption throughout the holiday season, remembering that discount culture can lead to impulse buys which won’t hold our affection for the test of time.

At a moment where fashion has been so disrupted by this global pandemic and consumption has primarily become an on-screen experience, it is more necessary than ever to show up digitally with what we stand for and make this a weekend of mindful action rather than consumption. Mindless consumption doesn’t just come with an environmental cost. It is an affront to the millions of workers around the world who labor over the products we buy. To truly value the humans that make our clothes, we should also only buy what we will treasure for life and care.