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Article: Collective Power is Real Power

Collective Power is Real Power

Collective Power is Real Power

Last week marks a milestone in fashion history. Fashion Revolution Week is immensely important for anyone involved in the fashion community, consumers and producers alike. It reminds us how important it is to dig deeper, to investigate and ask questions about the brands that we support. This process of asking brings transparency. And transparency is what this industry is screaming for, where thousands of people still work under conditions that are far from okay. Transparency is needed because it leads to accountability. And accountability leads to change.

We believe that collective rising is real power. And it begins right here, with you and me taking our personal responsibility by asking who made my clothes, what were they paid, how were they treated. Change forms when we raise these questions, brands and businesses are forced to make ethical decisions, to find sustainable solutions and to take responsibility for our impact in order to thrive.

We can easily forget the power of our personal choices- but what we choose to support will empower or disempower the people involved in the process. When we choose love and compassion over convenience we personally move from an empowered place, from where we can empower our brothers and sisters along the chain of production and inspire others to make informed decisions whilst giving nurture and love to mama Nature.