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Article: FULL BLOOM | A new collection for Summer 2021

FULL BLOOM | A new collection for Summer 2021

FULL BLOOM | A new collection for Summer 2021

FULL BLOOM is an invitation to flow into summer reverie born of intricate moments and barefoot dance.

Being human is a natural, courageous, beautiful act. Dare to blossom into the open this summer and let your fullest radiance be seen, held and witnessed. 

Embedded in our nature, from our very beginning, lies our gift already unfolded. Embedded in the seed is our blossom. Embedded in the womb is the child already grown. Embedded in the impulse to care is the peace of love already realised. Embedded in the edge of risk and fear is the authenticity that makes life worth living. 

The full bloom holds everything. A rich journey is not always cheerful, but necessary to come to meet yourself in fullness. It requires a faith in currents larger than a mind can envision. Our job is to unfold what is already within us. Or, as Martha Graham puts it "the world will not have it."

Full Bloom is a tribute to never-ending summer days and endless poppy fields greeting you in full expression and reverence to nature. Here are the first signs of summer we all so deeply crave.

The Full Bloom collection is made from gentle organic Bamboo and reminds us of these hazy, dreamy summer days from a time long long ago.

Our new collection features our new crop top 'YLVA', our new leotard 'LOVIS', a comfortable and high-waisted hot pant 'EDDA' and our new 'ASTRID' pants with a high-waist and straight leg cut. 

Our summer hues will be a soft and gentle Rose quartz, Mint Green and beautiful Black.

Visit our shop to see the whole collection.

Limited stock available as we move with the ebb and flows of Slow Fashion. 


Words & thoughts inspired by Mark Nepo and Martha Graham