Venus - Womb and Breast massage oil
Venus - Womb and Breast massage oil
Venus - Womb and Breast massage oil
Venus - Womb and Breast massage oil

Venus - Womb and Breast massage oil

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Named after Venus - roman goddess of sexuality, love, fertility and beauty - this potent blend is made from 100% natural & organic ingredients and is designed to support womb + breast health through all stages of your cycle, bleed, pregnancy & pre - and post partum. A careful selection of botanicals & minerals traditionally used for their healing, softening, protecting & fertility boosting properties makes up this beautiful blend which will bring you into deep union with your body.

Venus is safe for daily use and can be supportive to your journey if you are working towards a specific goal such as relieving cramps, bloating or preparing your womb for conception - however, it can also be used based on your own desires. The oils used in this blend are known for effectively relaxing, relieving & softening both skin, tissue & organs + support marks of motherhood. Please discontinue use if you experience discomfort as reactions to essential oils can be highly individual.

Usage: Apply 1-3 droppers right to your desired area, alternatively rub it between your palms and warm the oil up before applying it. Continue to massage belly, womb, breasts or any other area in circular motions. Breathe in presence & make it a ritual, ceremony, worship - anything but a chore.

Ingredients: Cold pressed coconut oil, iodine, magnesium oil, calendula essential oil, castor oil, sesame oil, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, geranium essential oil. 

50 ml.

All ingredients are Organic.  

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