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Lovis Leotard



Right after Brita follows Lovis - our beautifully cut leotard with fitted cups - made from soft, organic Bamboo with 10% Lycra, a fabric that sits and feels like your own skin. 
Lovis has an open back, a double layered chest area and adjustable criss-cross straps. Our fitted cups got you covered and held safely in all the right places.
Combine Lovis on the mat with our new Astrid Pants or Edda Hot pants or pair with pants and Kimono as a beautiful outfit from AM to PM, off the mat.

LOVIS is part of our latest collection, FULL BLOOM.
FULL BLOOM is an invitation to flow into summer reverie born of intricate moments and barefoot dance.
Being human is a natural, courageous, beautiful act. Dare to blossom into the open this summer and let your fullest radiance be seen, held and witnessed. 

The full bloom holds everything. A rich journey is not always cheerful, but necessary to come to meet yourself in fullness.
Full Bloom is a tribute to never-ending summer days and endless poppy fields greeting you in full expression and reverence to nature. Here are the first signs of summer we all so deeply crave.

Model Measurements (bust - waist - hips):

-Anna (87 - 72 - 92) in Rose Quartz is wearing size S. 

-Nadya (86 - 63 - 89) in Pitch Black is wearing size S.

-Lara (76 - 66 - 85) in Mint Green is wearing size XS. 


*Please note, photos have been shot in natural light and have not been edited to be as true to the real color as possible. The hues may differ slightly when viewed indoors or in low lighting.

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