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Article: Embodied Self care - Why Self care matters and a practice with Mesi Toth

Embodied Self care - Why Self care matters and a practice with Mesi Toth

Embodied Self care - Why Self care matters and a practice with Mesi Toth

To say self care matters, especially during uncertain times like the ones we have been living through over the past 1,5 years would sound like a simplified, boring platitude. However, one can't negate that there is a lot of truth in this to be found. 

Self-care can be defined as "a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being.” It is vital for building resilience towards stress factors in life that are beyond our control. To take care of your body, mind and soul equips you to live life in fullness and acceptance. To invite self-care tools and practices as regular routines into your life means to grant yourself the agency and independence over your own health, whether it may be to prevent or manage illness. Self-care brings you back to yourself, to leaning in, to listen and to notice what you need this very moment.

Humans and humanity matter to us. Only if I as an individual take care of myself as if I was the cell within an entire body, can I contribute to the health of the collective. And that's why self-care is so important. 

Over the next few weeks we will introduce throughout our channels wonderful human beings that all share an aspect of self-care, whether it is a talk around sexual and menstrual health, an IG Live chat and practices on mental health, our nervous system, an empowered birth story or much more.


This week our dear friend and wonderful Yogateacher Mesi Toth offers a gentle and nurturing practice that supports us in our ability to relax our nervous systems and drop into presence a little deeper. 

In this short and sweet practice you are invited to locate yourself fully in the present while offering simple ways to kindly hold yourself through deep breathing and gentle movement.


About Mesi

Over the years I’ve been practising and teaching yoga with the wish to become familiar with our inner landscapes and befriend our unique bodies and experiences.

The last year and a half called for some renegotiation of what I hold important and useful as a regular practice. It led me into an extensive exploration of my own biology, traumas and the workings of the nervous system.
I’m infusing tools of self-regulation and self-love into my embodiment focused yoga offering, in hope of steadying and expanding the platform of okay-ness, as we collectively navigate through the changing circumstances of current life.

Photos: Eszter Papp, Duffy