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Article: It's December – a Holiday Gift Guide

It's December – a Holiday Gift Guide

It's December – a Holiday Gift Guide

It is December and today marks the second day of the last month of the year 2021. 

As we move into this particular new month a sense of excitement meets a light melancholy with an element of surprise as to how quickly this year went by. Whether it was easy for you or not personally – 2021 is coming to an end and for many traditions this month is a time filled with joy, contemplation, stillness, closing and celebration.

As we believe that the gift of thoughtfulness and sustainability is one that should matter more than just the simple act of giving, we curated a little gift guide with our personal favourites that you or your loved ones don’t want to miss out on when flowing into the new year. Here is to celebrating our planet, local communities, the ones in need, our loved ones, our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

Proceeds from every sale are donated to the A21 Foundation, an international organisation battling human trafficking.  Every little bit helps to further protect and spread love to this global human family.

For the love of linen

Make an impression at any Holiday gathering, dinner or brunch. Our off the mat linen pieces are the most beautiful staple to be present with all there is.

These beauties are made from 100% natural linen and are definitely worth the investment. Did you know that linen is the one fabric that gets better, softer, more durable and more beautiful over time? Almost like wine.

(Click on images below to see more)

 Darjeeling Shirt Dress

Moon lovers, this one is for you

If you or your loved one love the moon just as much as we do, then this combination is for you.

We upgraded our Moon Sweater and Moon Track Shorts with Pale Pink and Walnut Brown and can’t get enough of them.


 Bamboo loves your body

Gently caressing and deeply moving when being moved. A second skin that yields into yours blurring the boundaries of beginning and ending, between the inner and the outer space.

We are adding on to our wonderful bamboo collection. Mix, match, play, flow, dress up, dress down, cover up, uncover, go under cover – our Bamboo collection gifts you the opportunity to do all that. 

Start here now and know, there is even more to come in the near future.



Feeling unsure what to gift?

In order to avoid unnecessary returns and refunds because of wrong choices of style and sizes we added the opportunity to purchase gift cards with a value of your choice. After all, gifting the gift of choice can be one of love and empowerment, too.

Our last recommended day of order to receive your gifts in time for the holidays is December 15.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season.