About us


Being a Yogi means being a Rebel. To reclaim our birthright to be fully immersed in our experience of life makes us Rebels. This process of gathering our innate power takes a lot of courage. Courage to trust our intuition and instincts in a society that is constantly telling us what to think, how to behave and what to believe.

Studio.K is an earth-loving and eco-friendly Swedish yoga brand. All clothes are ethically produced in Bali using sustainable fabrics and practices to prevent harming the environment and each other.
"We care about the details, our designs are minimalist, sophisticated, timeless and extremely comfortable. Studio.K is to be worn as a second skin on and off the mat. Every piece is carefully designed to move and breathe in". 
Studio.K was founded by designer duo Rikard and Michaela West in 2016. The brand was birthed when the creative and conscious couple from Stockholm decided to combine their love for fashion, sustainable living & yoga. Their vision is not only to create timeless, eco-friendly and high quality clothes, they set out to create a platform to implement positive change. "Through yoga and mindfulness we experienced a growing urge to make positive and healthy decisions for ourselves, this planet and all the life that she holds". Besides co-creating Studio K, Michaela facilitates Yoga and Embodiment Retreats around the world  https://www.notthatkindofyogi.com/