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We are a brand that deeply care about the Great Ecosystem of our planet and the quality of life a healthy Earth can hold. That’s why Studio Kolektif is a brand that runs for more then solemnly profit.  

To give back we design and fabricate Non-profit offerings. We collaborate with inspiring artists, influencers, friends and organizations to design and create collections to fund non-profit earth-healing projects that speaks to us. These collections supports various causes and are Limited Edition designs where 100% of the profits go to the chosen cause that’s helping the planet and it’s inhabitants. With tears in our eyes we released our first non-profit offering W A T E R on the International Ocean Day 2019. It marks a milestone for us, as this dream has been brewing since we launched Studio Kolektif in 2017.

If you run a charity organization or have suggestions for our upcoming editions please contact us at, we love to connect.  


June 2019

W A T E R is a celebration of the healing and crucial force of water. It is a bow to the Source Of Life, a bow to the feminine wisdom resembled in the fluid, sensual and ever changing qualities of the Ocean.

W A T E R is hand painted, inspired by the effortlessly yielding nature of water, made from 100% recycled polyester. This fabric gives the perfect hugging support to move in, and at the same time it’s perfectly suitable to swim in.  So not only will you support the cleaning up of our oceans, you can also use your new threads to steep in the sea. The watercolour is hand painted by the talented artist, yogini and dear friend Abbie- Skye.

100% of the profit goes to the incredibly inspiring Ocean Clean Up Project, founded by the dutch inventor Boyan Slat at the age of 18. It’s a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. By utilizing the ocean currents to their advantage, their passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years’ time.


A21 : Until everyone is free, join the fight against human trafficking.

We donate 1% of all sales to the A21 Foundation to combat human trafficking.  Every little bit helps to further protect and spread love to this global human family. "No one person can do everything but every one of us can do something." - Christine Caine, A21 Chief Advocate.  To learn more about A21 and the epic work they are doing in the world check out their website here.  


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